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Why Use a Yacht Delivery Service?

Have you just purchased a motor yacht interstate or overseas? Are you selling your yacht and the buyer wants to take delivery elsewhere? Perhaps your charter yacht has finished the Caribbean season and the next booking is for the Mediterranean? Or perhaps you are chasing warmer weather?

Benefits of a yacht delivery service – there are excellent reasons to use it

– saves you time when moving your yacht from point A to B. A professional service can result in a faster relocation compared to going it alone.
– The professional captain can help you develop your seamanship skills if you choose to accompany the yacht delivery transportify vs lalamove captain.
– Using the experienced skipper of a professional service satisfies your insurance company that your asset is in competent hands particularly important when relocating great distances or over treacherous routes.
– it makes immigration and customs paperwork easy.

The service of yacht delivery

But how does a service actually make relocations easy for you? The company providing the service provides a captain and if necessary a crew. The service then takes care of everything to get your boat from one port to another. Routing, en route maintenance, documentation and regular communications will all be performed by the service. Once the vessel arrives, the yacht delivery service provides a post-delivery report and hands the vessel over to you.

Comparing to road freight

Using this service is a simple decision for sea-crossings, but what about moving a motor yacht interstate from say Sydney to Brisbane or San Francisco to Los Angeles? A yacht delivery service is a preferable option to overland transport. Consider the rough nature of road transport – it can result in significant damage to your boat resulting in touch ups to the hull or worse. A yacht delivery service uses the boat’s own power over water. Sea delivery is easier on your yacht. You need to compare the cost of repair and preparation for land delivery to a sea-based delivery service.

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