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Vietnam Travel Guide – Tips on Choosing the Best Time of Year to Visit Vietnam

If you are a first time traveler to Vietnam, then a Vietnam travel guide is what you need. Vietnam is a Southeast Asian country rich in culture, history, natural resources and adventure. Hanoi, capital of Vietnam, pays tribute to the legendary leader, Ho Chi Minh, through a massive marble statue known as the Loc Mu Giang. Ho Chi Minh’s influence over Vietnam can be seen through the names of many important buildings, places and landmarks.

Your COMPREHENSIVE Backpacking Vietnam Travel Guide for 2021

The streets of Hanoi are lined with restaurants, bistros, coffee shops and souvenir shops, which give a vivid picture of Vietnam’s culture. Hanoi offers a lot to its visitors: magnificent skyscrapers, historic spots and busy cities, along with beautiful beaches, rivers and monuments. A Vietnam travel guide can help travelers navigate the city’s tourist districts.

Travelers who want to see the best things in Vietnam should head to Hanoi’s southernmost island, which is Phan Ngan. Phan Ngan is the second largest island of Vietnam and is considered to be a speciality destination. It is where travelers can experience the best things in Vietnam. There are plenty of historical sites to visit, including the centrally located Tran Thanh Town and Hanoi’s ancient temple complex, pagoda. The best things to do in Phan Ngan are lounging on the beach, hiking, rafting, snorkeling and swimming.

For travelers who want to experience the best of Vietnam, they must head to the Mekong Delta. This is one of the most scenic parts of Vietnam, known for its luscious beaches, natural caves and wildlife. The Mekong Delta has a lot to offer to both Vietnam veteran and first-timer Activities here include boating and jet skiing, kayaking, river rafting and a whole lot more. A Vietnam travel guide will be very helpful in arranging visas, as well as getting an abundance of information about vaccinations and foreign currency requirements.

Another destination popular among both local Vietnam veterans and foreign tourists is Hanoi’s capital, Ho Chi Minh City. Known for its impressive historical buildings, museums, architecture and cuisine, Ho Chi Minh City is Vietnam’s cultural heart. Those who are looking for good Vietnam travel insurance must consider buying a motorbike tour package. Hanoi’s vibrant nightlife can’t be experienced anywhere else in Vietnam, making it an ideal place to base a second holiday in Vietnam.

No matter where you choose to visit Vietnam, you must remember to pick up some sort of Vietnam travel guide before setting off. These guides will help you plan your trip, especially when it comes to getting a visa. Moreover, these guides can help you determine the best time to visit Vietnam, as well as the best time of year to visit this historic country.

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