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Soccer Books For Soccer Fans

This hilarious, light-hearted article by kid-expert, Max Bialer shows all you need to learn about the game of soccer with a few examples. Max is a soccer fanatic. After all, he has been playing it for more than three months already! So he is pretty much an expert, in terms of the sport.

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Soccer Experiement – Soccer is one of the most popular games among sports fanatics. As such, there are a lot of websites where one can get detailed information about soccer and its history, about teams, players and even about betting. Soccer experts would usually post their own soccer betting tips and advice. Some of them may be useful for first time bettors, some may be useless and detrimental to the profits of these first time bettors. But no matter what, all of them share one common goal: To help soccer fans become better soccer experts, so that one may be able to come up with good betting strategies, so that one may be able to increase his chances of winning the soccer games.

Soccer Experiement – Max Bialer has written an interesting and tongue-in-cheeks guide for first-time soccer bettors. It mostly consists of his personal experiences and observations while playing the sport. While there are some parts that could use a bit more elaboration and explanation, as a whole this is an enjoyable and well-written guide. Soccer is Max’s favorite sport. To be able to come up with this unique, one-of-a-kind helpful tips featuring some of Max’s experience while playing the sport, is truly something that every soccer expert should not miss

Soccer Betting 101 – This is another tongue-in-cheeks guide written by a kid-expert. This one takes on the big question: “What’s the point of trying to be the best if you can’t actually win?” In this thick book, kid expert Ben Johnson basically tries to answer that age old question. What if you really don’t know how to count a ball, how do you expect to make money betting on soccer?

Soccer Knowledge Builder – This is the third and final volume in the series of Max Bialer’s Soccer Experiements. Here, kid-expert Michael Johnson, now a professional soccer player for the MLS and of course, a coach for Slamm FC, gives out some of his secrets regarding playing football. Some of the topics he covers are: The importance of training and fitness, the importance of having a positive attitude, and most especially, how to be able to read the game. This book is about two things: educating and entertains. If you want to be able to read the game and become a better soccer player, this is probably the right book for you.

These are just a few of the dozens of books available in the market today. Each one of them has something unique to offer, something that is very helpful to soccer fans. There are also online sites where you can buy or download a copy of these books. They are mostly priced reasonable and are perfect for every fan of the game. Soccer is a true game of faith, and books are there to support you through those times when you may feel like questioning your faith.

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