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Is There a Real Science Behind the Psychic Skills and Energy?

If you’re interested in psychic science, then odds are that you already have an interest in spiritualism. In any case, you probably also know that there is a lot of debate among spiritualists about the nature and origins of spiritualism. However, one thing that all believers in psychic science agree on is that psychic abilities exist. In other words, psychic science isn’t about proving some hard-to-believe scientific facts; it’s about showing that psychic ability exists. That may sound like an oversimplification, but it’s not, and I’m going to explain what I mean.

Spiritism, Psychic Science Series No. 6 | Edward B. WARMAN | First Edition

To begin with, when discussing the relationship between science and spirituality, I’d like to point out that psychic science itself does not prove anything. In fact, many established scientists feel that psychic phenomena are too “mysterious” to be evidence based, for the same reason that they are difficult to observe or measure. In this way, abstract psychic phenomena such as telepathy, spiritual guidance, and other observed facts about the human brain are irrelevant to religion. For the same reasons, religion itself is irrelevant to the practice of science.

Spiritualists often point out that the observed facts about the human mind led scientists to conclude that psychic ability exists when there is evidence that someone has psychic ability – which, to them, is evidence based chuyen tam linh co that. The problem is that most scientists who say this are actually practicing religious beliefs themselves! And they will never admit that it’s a religious belief they are acting upon!

The best way to understand what I mean here is that scientists (at least most of them) look for evidence that reveals the presence of psychic ability. They look for evidence that shows that an individual has a psychic ability. Once they have this evidence, they can conclude that there is indeed some kind of psychic ability at work. And then they say that the proof is anecdotal, because it doesn’t show that there is a consistent pattern of success. For example, psychics might say that their clients have certain psychic abilities. They might provide anecdotal evidence in the form of odd dreams or feelings, etc.

They then spend their time collecting anecdotal evidence, without ever taking the time to look at whether their conclusions are based on solid science. So in effect, they are just like creationists in the sense that they say that animals have psychic ability without ever looking at the evidence that backs up their claims. This is not a way to conduct research, which is what scientists are supposed to do.

If you think that scientists are just playing with you and that they have no real proof that you have psychic abilities, then you are absolutely right. You are not the first person to doubt psychic abilities. But if you take a step back and examine the data that has been accumulated over many decades, you begin to see patterns that give credence to psychic ability. There are actual patterns of success that can be correlated with psychic ability, and scientists should be willing to actually look at the evidence and not just operate on intuition.

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