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Induction Sealer Manufacturers – Nice Sealed Packaging For Your Products

Induction sealers are also known as heat sealers or high frequency generators. They transmit an electro magnetic field which create eddy currents in a metallic foil attached to the bottle or the container. This foil is generally an aluminium foil. This inner seal is placed in the magnetic field and the current heats the foil seal and the plastic coating bonds to the container neck. In the factories, there are specialised induction sealer manufacturers who manufacture and supply this specialised machine.

DHI-44E LKW Mobile induction heater - Dawell

Induction sealing machines comprise a power source, a sealing head or coil and a cooling system. There are two kinds of sealer machines: manual hand-held units and high-power automatic cap sealers. The manually operated machines are available for laboratory or low-volume work whereas the high-power automatic cap sealers are usually mounted above conveyorised production lines induction heating machine.

Earlier, traditional induction sealers were cooled by water, and the power generator used to be at the floor level. This used to be connected to the sealing head, mounted above the conveyor, by combined electrical and cooling cables. Modern sealing machines are air-cooled. This provides for a more compact machine. And the entire unit can be mounted above the conveyor.

As far as the frequency of the electromagnetic field which is applied to the metallic foil is concerned, it varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. The typical range is 30-100 KHz. When lower frequencies are applied, it gives a more uniform heating across the diameter of the induction seal liner, whereas higher frequencies give a greater heating effect at the edges. This is a good idea for small bottles as the rate of sealing is fast on smaller diameters.

If you visit the websites of the induction seal manufacturers and contact them, they will provide all the information about these machines and even supply them to you to ensure that your products gain more consumer confidence and acceptance.

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