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How to Choose the Best OBD2 Scanner

If you’re in the market for a portable barcode scanner, you’ll find that there are many different makes and models on the market today. Before you buy one, it’s a good idea to do some research to help you make the right choice for your business. In this article we’ll take a look at the characteristics that the best OBD2 scanner has to offer.

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To start with, let’s talk about what an OBD2 scanner is and how it works. An OBD is short for “On-board Computer System”. It’s a series of computer chips that monitors the emissions from cars, helping to monitor a number of issues including oil changes, tire changes, emissions testing and many other important things. We have tested hundreds of OBD2 scanners over the years and then rated them according to price, features, size, ease of operation, warranty and of course value best OBD2 scanner.

The two manufacturers that consistently get high marks in terms of performance and value are ScanScan and the innova. ScanScan products are very well known and easy to find, while the innova is not as easy to locate and comes in a few different sizes. Either way, you should have no problem finding a quality OBD2 scanner that will fit into your budget. The nova is also the only scanner that has a direct line of communication between the chip and the scan tool, which allows for true compatibility even though the chip may be different in shape from the original OBD scanner.

Another great characteristic of these scanners is that they are fully functional with any android operating system. This is great for anyone that needs software support, or even for people who want to use their old scanner on an android devices. Most devices today run on android version 4.4.4 or higher, which is why you will not run into compatibility issues with your current scanner if you use an innova odb2 scanner with your android device. In fact, your old OBD2 scanner should run just as well on your new android gadget as it did on your old machine.

Another thing to consider when choosing an OBD2 scanner for your vehicle is the readiness. scanners have a readiness monitor that will let you know how ready your scanner is to perform certain functions. Some of the functions include engine diagnostics, diagnostic trouble codes, real time engine data transmission, emission test results and live data uploading. There are some scanners that will allow you to upload your own data or export your own data directly to a pc through usb.

The next feature that will greatly affect the choice of scanner is the pre-inspection readiness test. This is most useful for vehicles with multiple fuel injectors or fuel tanks. You want to make sure that a single scanner is capable of scanning all of the fuel tanks in your vehicle regardless of how many there are. The reason this is so helpful is that if a fuel injector or fuel tank is detected as having a pre-inspection readiness failure, then you will be given the opportunity to perform a more detailed check by pressing the appropriate button on your scanner in order to determine what the problem is.

Some handheld scanners come with a temperature sensor and/or a battery charger. If your handheld will come with a temperature sensor or battery charger, it is a good idea to get a scanner with both. This way, you can plug your handheld into an electric source as well as into your car’s cigarette lighter in order to read its temperature. If the temperature sensor is not included, or if you like to keep your scanner plugged into an alternate power source, you may decide to purchase a portable temperature sensor. Portable temperature sensor kits vary in price, but they are generally less expensive than their stationary counterparts.

Finally, before purchasing an obd2 scanner, be sure to make sure that it comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. In the long run, it is cheaper to have a scanner that has a lifetime warranty than one that does not. Most handheld OBD systems sold today come with at least a five-year warranty, although many have longer warranties than that. Look for a scanner that has a lifetime warranty included, especially if you are considering purchasing used. You will often find that the cost of an extended warranty protection is not more than the cost of purchasing the product itself.

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