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From Market to Market the Savvy Shopper Will Go

Don’t you just love shopping an outdoor market on a beautifully sunny day with the smell of freshly cut flowers, home made soaps and the sound of shoppers boasting about their newest found treasure in the background? Most coveted market shopping goes to the Monastiraki Flea Market in Athens St. Pak Khlong Market in Bangkok and Canada’s own Lawrence Market in Toronto. I can’t help but picture brightly coloured fabrics stacked to the sky and priceless antiques stretching as far as my eyes can see. And now reality sets in.

The closest thing I have to a bustling outdoor market filled with antique furniture and handmade leather bags is my neighborhood garage sale that has an impressive collection of previously viewed Disney VHS tapes reminding me that I belong to the decade that knew what those were. If only the world class markets joined the new millennium and the rest of us on the world wide web. Or is taking an age-old shopping tradition and bringing it to our desk at home completely destroying the sensory experience that is the outdoor market?

Debate aside, lucky for us shoppers on the web Buy Stripe Accounts, there is an online market that brings items from all four corners of the world straight to our desktop with the click of a mouse: eBay. For those of you who have thought of shopping on eBay but found it a bit too intimidating and an overwhelming variety of goods, not unlike a real-life market, I’ve put together some easy tips for getting the most out of eBay shopping, especially for Canadian shoppers.

In case you’ve never even ventured onto eBay because of your blinding fear, you’ll need to get set up with an eBay account. (If you were living under a rock for the past fifteen years here’s a good explanation of what eBay is). I recommend using because it is especially tailored to Canadian visitors. You can shop around without an eBay account, but this makes it much more difficult to track what you’ve been looking at and compare prices, features and other important considerations such as shipping costs which eBay does for you under myeBay.

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