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1940s Dresses and Their Styles

One of the most exciting eras of fashion is the 1940s dresses. This period of time has been a pivotal event in the world of fashion as women from all over the world flocked to have their dresses custom made. This is because there was very little else like it in terms of style at that time. The dresses were bold, they were bright, and they were full of personality.

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Now, if you had a chance to attend any formal party or social gathering during this time period, you would definitely notice the number of ladies wearing dresses. Of course there was a certain degree of exaggeration involved, but there was certainly no shortage of this particular style of dress. Women would sport various eye-catching colors and designs. They would be seen sporting a number of different necklines and they would often choose pieces that were colorful and dramatic in nature.

Although there were not many options available in terms of necklines at the time, there was still one that was a big favorite. As it was so popular, designers simply had to include this as an option for their customers. They felt it was important to provide a sense of movement and this led to the use of such dresses as a style statement. They had an aura about them that oozed a certain attitude. Even though they were somewhat tight fitting, they exuded an air of sexy charm.

Of course these dresses also had a certain sex appeal that had not been seen before. Many women found themselves drawn to them. And they did not feel they were being forced into wearing them. On the contrary, they felt incredibly comfortable in them and often looked forward to outings that required them to venture out in one of their ensembles.

One of the most popular colors that was worn during this period was pink. There were many other bold and vibrant colors that were used as well. But pink was the most popular of these, and this was in accordance with the era and with the moral beliefs of the times. Many mothers would have gotten their daughters one of these dresses as a gift during this time and as such they could wear it with pride.

The designs that were available during this period are some of the most popular that have survived to this day. Of course there were the more conservative designs as well. However, the trend has certainly changed over the years. Today, you can find everything from paisley prints to polka dots in many designs. They are no longer the safe choices that they were in the past. So if you are looking for a style that will last for many seasons, then a dress from this period is worth considering.

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